Amazon Low Price Guarantee 最低价格保证

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当我们在Amazon上购物时,我们有时候会看到某商品的价格附近标有“Low Price Guarantee”的字样,它的意思是该商品享有“最低价格保证”,当你发现有其它商家(必须是符合条件的)价格比购买的价格低时(一定时间内,比如30天内),你可以向Amazon要回差价。

目前在 Amazon 上,还只有电视机才有 “Low Price Guarantee” 保证,所以 Amazon 也叫这个条款为 “ TV Low Price Guarantee ”, 似乎其它商品还有没有,不知道以后 Amazon 是否会让其它商品也享受最低价格保证;

比如下面这个,是某款 LG 电视机的:




About the TV Low Price Guarantee

The TV Low Price Guarantee applies to televisions that are sold and fulfilled by

If you find a lower price on another qualifying retailer’s website within 30 days after the date we ship your order, let us know and we’ll credit your original payment method taking any differences in shipping and promotions into account. If we lower our own price within 30 days after we ship your TV, let us know and we’ll refund you the difference as well.

You can request a refund for the price difference by clicking Order Details and Found a lower price? on your Order Summary page in Your Account. If you have questions or concerns, click Contact Us on the right side of any Help page to contact Customer Service about the TV Low Price Guarantee. You’ll receive an e-mail response within 24 hours.



1:限Amazon官方售卖的物品 ;



4:不适用于一些临时优惠或清货的商品,比如黑色星期五,Cyber Monday,Amazon的Prime Day等


请详细查看Amazon 官方列出的条款:(Canada and USA)



(By Nov 2016, Please check Amazon website for newest list):

In Canada: